Art and Life in the Here and Now of the Civil Age
Sept 24- Oct 15, 2006
Neue Galerie Graz

The world's population is growing above all in cities. 3.2 billion people live in cities. Roughly the same number of people live in the megacities and hypercities of India , Brazil and China as in the total area of Europe and North America together.

However, as cities are no longer job machines, out of a population of eight billion, about one billion people live in slums: makeshift dwellings, unreliable access to energy and water, no sanitation, precarious conditions of ownership, no health or social insurance, unemployment The Nigerian capital Lagos is the hub in a corridor of shanty towns extending from Abijan (Ivory Coast) to Ibadan (Nigeria) that is regarded as the largest contiguous area of urban poverty 70 million people live there. It is to be assumed that this development will continue and that, structurally, such urban regressions will also spill over into Europe .

These conditions of the "Planet of the Slums" (Mike Davis) and "Wasted Lives" (Zygmunt Bauman) will be presented and examined in lectures, announced and unannounced actions in public space and photo, film and video presentations.

Lectures by:

Branko Milanovic(USA)
Global inequality during the last fifty years: Inequalities between countries and between people
Sun 24/09, 7.30p.m

Zygmunt Bauman(P/GB)
Collateral casualties of consumerism
Fri 06/10, 7.30p.m

Slavoj Zizek(RA)
Slumdwellers: The living dead of global capitalism
Sa 14/10, 7.30p.m

Armin Linke/Paola Di Bello (I), El Perro Santiago Diaz (E), Susan Chales de Beaulieu/Jean Baptiste Farkas (F), Dionisio Gonzalez (E), Kazuo Katase (JP), Ou Ning & Cao Fei (CN), HA Schult (D) and Guy Tillim (ZA).

Curated by
Peter Weibel (A), Günther Holler-Schuster (A) & Christa Steinle (A)

Sun 24/9, 6.00p.m. Guy Tillim, photographer; living in Johannesburg (ZA)
Sun 1/10, 7.30p.m. Armin Linke, photographer; living in Milan (I)
Sat 7/10, 7.30p.m. HA Schult, action- and installation-artist; living in Cologne (D)
Fri 6/10, 18.00 El Perro Santiago Diaz, artist group with multimedia influence from Madrid (E)

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