London Hayward Gallery: Wide Open School. Cao Fei - The Orchid Pavilion

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The Hayward Gallery’s Wide Open School is an unusual experiment in learning. Its programme of classes is devised and delivered by over 100 artists from approximately 40 different countries. It is not an art school however. Instead it is a wide-ranging forum where artists lead and facilitate workshops, collaborative projects, collective discussions, lectures and performances about any and all subjects in which they are passionately interested. That is a territory as expansive as the imaginations of artists.

Cao Fei's project The Orchid Pavilion is based on a cultural gathering/drinking contest that took place during the Six Dynasties era in China: cups of wine were set afloat down a winding creek and poets would have to drink and compose a poem each time a cup stopped near them.

For the class, Cao Fei focuses on the Taoist concept of 'effortless action', which cultivates a state of being in which our actions are aligned with the elemental cycles of the natural world to allow us to respond to situations with ease. Participants are asked to discuss a subject chosen by the artist each time they drink a cup of wine.


Cao Fei leads the discussion with fellow artist Pak Sheung Chuen.

Price: £10
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)
Venue: Hayward Gallery 5 Sculpture Court
Approximate duration: three hours
This class involves alcohol consumption
Strictly over 18s only

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