Deutsche Bank project: A Three Days Treatment

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Globe – Art, Music & Performance in the Deutsche Bank Towers
Cao Fei: A Three Days Treatment
30.03. - 01.04.2011. Deutsche Bank Towers, Frankfurt

For “Globe” Cao Fei will introduce a completely new artistic practice: visitors can practice coffee yoga with China Tracy and experience what the Frankfurt School and Zen have in common. In addition to the performance Two as One by He Yufan and Jiang Jun the program includes a live sculpturing by Cao Chong'en, music by Zafka Zhang, a Fengshui-performance by Huang Shan and Huang He as well as the discussion The Pavilion. Cao Fei talks with Daniel Birnbaum, director of the Moderna Museet, Nikolaus Hirsch, rector of the Städelschule, Beijing artist Jian Zhi and Zhang Wei, director of Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou.

Globe. For Frankfurt and the World, the event program celebrating the opening from March 2 through April 15, is every bit as international as the art in the Towers. Globe focuses on the moving disciplines in art—performance, film, video, and concerts.

Together with many guests, Apparatjik, Ei Arakawa, Cao Fei, Keren Cytter, Rabih Mroué, The Otolith Group, and Planningtorock will each organize three evenings in a project room on the ground floor of the Towers. Tobias Rehberger has created the design of the Live Safer Bar, while the legendary Robert Johnson Dance Club provides the right sound. Globe is curated by Daniel Birnbaum, Nikolaus Hirsch, Judith Hopf, and Willem de Rooij.
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