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On June 13(June 14 Beijing time), 2010, RMB City presents: "Naked Idol", a pageant in Second Life.

Come Naked! Naked could be anything. Undressed, or overexposed. Highly costumed or almost invisible. 'Naked Idol' is a statement of freedom.

Our panel of Second Life celebrity judges (Hamlet Au, Rodion Resistance & China Tracy) will judge the best naked avatars. You may be asked to answer questions, perform a talent, or explain what naked means to you....To participate:
1. Join the “Naked Idol” Second Life group!
2. Come to People’s Park (RMB City 3 105, 129, 22 (Mature)) on June 13, 2010, 8pm SLT (11 am, June 14, 2010 Beijing Time).
3. After assembling in People’s Park, the Naked flash mob will travel to five sites in RMB City for a naked dance. Our panel of judges will select the best naked avatars.
4. The fight for the ultimate Naked Idol will be held in People’s Park, where the selected avatars will be asked to perform a personal talent.
5. May the best avatar win!
6. As an homage to our winner, we will hold a Naked Parade in Second Life at the end of the Competition.


See you in People's Park!

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