"No Sweat!" The Marathon at RMB City and Serpentine Gallery

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"No Sweat!" The RMB City Marathon at Serpentine Gallery's RMB project space. Left: Julia Peyton Jones, Right: Hans Ulrich Obrist.


"No Sweat!" The Marathon event at RMB City in Secondlife. March 20, as a special SL event for RMB City’s reinstallation in Serpentine Gallery, London, from 10am to 11am (London Time), China Tracy (RL: Cao Fei/ ???),JuliaPeytonJones Popstar (RL: Julia Peyton Jones )and HansUlrichObrist Magic (RL: Hans Ulrich Obrist ) had an interesting dialogue which took form of a marathon in RMB City.



Hans Ulrich Obrist using his avatar in RMB City for the Marathon dialogue.


The marathon started at the “Bird’s Nest” (People’s Park) and then China Tracy decided to bring the two marathon-ers to RMB City’s People’s Entertainment Television (yes, the CCTV hanging in the air), the event finally wrapped up at one of Huang He’s virtual feng shui devices - the Gourd of Wood, where three tree-shaped green beams appear when being activated by three people. China Tracy, JuliaPeytonJones Popsta and HansUlrichObrist Magic all enjoyed the “wood element qi” which brings kindness and peace.


RMB City team has extracted some inspiring discourse among the three yesterday.

[3:18] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: Revolution is everything!
[3:19] China Tracy: infiltration is better
[3:19] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: It’s part of the everyday here and always
[3:19] Hansulrichobrist Magic: Beuys said La Rivolutzione siamo noi We are the Revolution does China Tracy agree
[3:19] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: Subversion
[3:19] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: Subversion the best
[3:19] Hansulrichobrist Magic: or Resistance

[3:27] Hansulrichobrist Magic: what is a nano second on second life
[3:27] Hansulrichobrist Magic: nano second life
[3:27] Hansulrichobrist Magic: ever nano second ever life
[3:27] China Tracy: because that would represent a reduction of freedom

Want to learn more about what happened and what words bounced out at the verbal/virtual marathon ? Stay tuned to the RMB City blog.

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