URBAN CHINA #35: How to be holistic?

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- Architecture in New Media Art
Lecture Neville Mars at CAFA, Beijing, 16 march, 7.00 pm

- Magazine Launch:
DCF special issue URBAN CHINA #35
Edited by Neville Mars, with contributions from numerous international designers and institutes.
Fang Jia Hutong 46 March 19, 7 pm following the opening of Columbia's new Studio X in Beijing.

Preview magazine: http://burb.tv/view/Magazine_Urban_China
PDF Slideshow: http://www.scribd.com/full/12896406?access_key=key-i3j5epal2v4clw7floe
RSVP event: http://alumni.columbia.edu/visit/s5_6b.html#design

China, like so many countries, is adopting a stimulus package. An impressive 4.2 Trillion RMB has been allocated to keep the economy moving at a Chinese pace. But unlike so many Western nations struggling to determine how the money should be spent, China has a stringent to-do list with a strong urban focus. Nation building through city building. Yet it remains unclear how the individual bullets on this list - infrastructure, housing, environment, etc. - should relate to each other. Yet a ‘better city’ can only be the result of an integrated vision connecting all the scales of design. After thirty years of accelerated growth a top-down megaproject approach of crude answers can no longer suffice. This special issue of Urban China examines the contradictory choices China faces, mapping out an holistic approach from policies to individual people.

—— Edited by Neville Mars, with contributions by the DCF and numerous international designers and institutes.
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