1st Mayor of RMB City — UliSigg Cisse (RL: Uli Sigg)

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今天一早,乌利.西客先生冒着严寒步入现实中的人民城寨工作室,并亲自掌控其化身UliSigg Cisse作首任市长发言
UliSigg Cisse: Dearest visitors, users, occupiers of RMB City. This is a great day. Where we inherit China Tracy's dream turned artwork turned virtual turned real. As your Mayor, my main task is going to be to make sure that we do away with all limitations to bringing out your full potential, and gradually have a set of values develop. It's also a great day because for the first time, I can welcome all of you in my own building: RMB CITY XIAN ZAI KAI SHI (现在开始)!!!!


“感谢西客先生对RMB City项目由始至终的深度关注与支持,并感谢你愿意深度卷入本案,肩负起人民城寨首任市长的职责,让我们拭目以待西客先生在未来3个月任期内的努力!” —— China Tracy

Responsibility of the Mayor of RMB City:
- Hold a “Town Hall Meeting” in City Hall on a monthly basis, in order to listen to the needs from the RMB citizens
- Check out at least one interesting place on SL every month
- Select two noteworthy residents and visitors of RMB City as “Honored Citizens” every month
- Make a new rule for his/ her successor
- Make a visit to a specific venue in RMB City and make an offering there that will be kept through his/ her term of office
- Arrange at least one event at the place where (SL feng shui master) Huang He mentioned that abundant activities or motions lead to wellbeing for the whole city

Additional Optional Rights of the Mayor of RMB City:
(The Mayor may request for RMB City Team to run his/her avatar to perform some of these activities if desired)
- Do what other mayors don't do (what do you think a mayor "should do")
- Network with other mayors and seek beneficial alliances such as a “sister-city” program
- Right to pardon any avatar who is arrested by RMB City Police
- Get evaluated by RMB’s citizens at the end of his/her term of office ends; the results will then be posted on a public bulletin board in City Hall
- Receive one special item that will stay in his/her inventory. When he/she leaves his post, the item has to be passed on to the new mayor

Every city has a mayor, and there is no exception for RMB City, although it is one that exists in the crevice between reality and virtuality and exchanges different values of the two different worlds, like what a currency acts between two goods. We regard a mayor as a leader for RMB City, but not a manipulator. What we expect from our mayor is change that he or she initiates, maybe something better, maybe something worse, but nothing stagnant. During each mayor's three-month term of office, we hope you can witness the transformation in a perspective of virtual virtuality.

Quotes by Uli Sigg(SL: UliSigg Cisse)
“(My Utopian City is) Sinoswisszurichbeijing - situated in the Alps but with Chinese food, and no avatar with more than one vote. “
“I would certainly be an excellent mayor, but I am born lazy.”
“Eliminate the enemies threatening RMB City.”
“Distinguish who are bad artists and what is bad art.”
“Elect RMB super girl.”
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