I Have a Dream 人民城寨 开城致辞

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, and all beautiful avatars,

For a really long time, I have been imagining a paragon-city: confident and prudent, high-profile yet humble, equitable and loving. This is a city which is adept at thinking and discovering, enthusiastic about creations and inventions. The city is flooded with hues, energy, imagery and symbols. The city - unique, transcendentally intelligent – we can even call it a splendid Utopia. On this very day, RMB City is going to open its gate of perfection, in order to reflect the luster of Utopia into the reality.

People like a city not because of the number of spectacles that they can see, or how magnificent it looks. People are attracted to a city for the implied answers to their questions. Perhaps, we are all in a reality of incompleteness, paradox, confusion and loneliness … try to look away from it, in your heart you may see the lake which is as placid as a mirror, it will give you more directions to contemplate about our existence, the nature of the world, and our once lost future.

On this occasion, I want to thank every member of RMB City: Samantha, Mengxian Li , Venus Lau, Xixi, Lu Jia, Fang Zheng, Fang Yuan, He Cong, Xiao Shen… I have to thank all of you for your team spirit and unremitting effort. Also, I have to thank the builders: Dennis, Rodian and other members from Avatrian, and Sinewave, who actualized the virtual city for me. In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to individuals and institutions - Mr.Uil Sigg,Ms.Christiane Leister, UCCA Beijing, Serpentine Gallery and Mr. Hans Ulrich Obrist - that work hand in hand with RMB City. I would like to show my thankfulness to Liden Lab, especially its Vice President Ms Robin Linden (SL: Robin Harper), for her support throughout the whole process of RMB City's development. I want to show my appreciation to my friends who paid all their attentiveness on the project from its very beginning: Mr. Wagner James Au (SL: Hamlet Au), Mr. Zhang Anding, Mr. Hu Fang. Map Office, MianMian, Man Michinaga, Huang He, who are prodigiously creative artists and have participated in RMB City’s pre-opening projects, are totally worth my most sincere appreciation. I also want to thank my collaborating partners Ms. Zhang Wei(SL: Freeway Mayo) and Vitamin Creative Space. I am grateful for the fervent spiritual support from my lover Lim Tzay Chuen and my baby who will come to the world soon. Last but not least, I would like to thank everybody who has shown his/her concern in, or supported the development of RMB City. Every one of you endows the city with “light”! Without you, none of these would ever come true.

The opening is just the commencement of the two-year-long RMB City project, it is still an infant, there is still a lot of space for us to improve and innovate, we are looking forward to your visit and your continuous attention and intervention to RMB City. Please make yourself home at RMB City, and let us ignite the wisdom and dazzle of it.

You are always welcomed by RMB City.

Thanks you.

China Tracy (SL: Cao Fei)
Founder of RMB City

10th Jan 2009
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