Create Your Own Yokohama Triennale Project in RMB City!

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“Play With Your Triennale”
Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy) and RMB City at Yokohama Triennale
September 13-November 30, 2008 (Preview: 12 September)

RMB City needs your dreams!

RMB City is a virtual city and art community in SL, initiated by artist Cao Fei (SL China Tracy) as a public platform for creativity. During the Yokohama Triennale art festival in Japan, the People’s Worksite of RMB City will be used to realize the dream projects of the general public. Simply describe your ideas and email to: (Subject: Yokohama Dream Proposal) before 10th, Oct. 2008.

Selected entries will be realized in the People’s Worksite, RMB City, Second Life. Official city opening: October 2008.

For more information, see:

Landmark in Second Life: RMB City: People’s Worksite, RMB City 1 (221, 196, 21)