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Welcom to Institute of Sound(IOS)!
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Track List of Awakening Battersea Project

[ 2006-10-02 20:13:49 | 作者Author: Admin ]
Awakening Battersea
A Sound Project by IOS(Institute of Sound)

Curator: Ou Ning
Producers: Yan Jun, Lawrence Li Ruyi

Track List

01 718: Better Sea 6:07
02 Bai+ian: Silence 8:28
03 Chen Wei: Unnamed Theatre 10:00
04 Feng Jiangzhou: Intimate Space 2:00
05 Hitlike: Walking 3:08
06 Huanqing: Pemo Ritual of Yi Ethnic People 46:28
07 Jin Shan: Uncertain Memory 2:37
08 Li Chin-sung: Lcszk 28:18
09 Li Jianhong: EVP 13:34
10 Dead J: China Fuzz (Ping-pong remix) 5:25
11 Ronez: i.Mao Damned GCR ii.Coming Dead Song iii.High Into Sky Out of Sky iv.Light will Fade Out 4:00
12 Me:Mo: Pro.A 4:28
13 Torturing Nurse: Repeating Machine 6:40
14 Wang Changcun: Dream Reflection 32:17
15 Wang Fan: Above the Sun 8:16
16 Wu Quan: Two Persons Totally a Time in Afternoon 11:32
17 Xu Cheng: English Corner 9:57
18 Yan Jun: Evoking Sanlitun 8:19


Yan Jun found this multipurpose bird viewing device on the market, Lawrence Li wrote a user's manual for it, Ou Ning acted as model. The device is going to be used in the Battersea project.


Find and record your favourite sounds in Battersea with this multipurpose bird viewer! Return the device to us and the sound you recorded will be recycled and used as source material by a Chinese sound artist, whose works will be compiled into a CD later. Join us and be part of this exciting experiment!


How to use the bird viewer:

1. Put on the headset and point the device around as you wish.
2. Press the trigger to listen, press the "record" button to record, press the "play" button to listen to playback.
3. You can record up to twelve seconds of sound, each time you press the "record" button, the current sound stored in the built-in chip will be overwritten.


Awakening Battersea Project | “唤醒巴特西”项目

[ 2006-09-20 17:13:04 | 作者Author: Admin ]

Awakening Battersea
A site-specific project by Institute of Sound

More than twenty field-recordists and sound artists from China are commissioned for an one-hour conceptual sound work, based on their respective sonic experience and group discussion. The work will be played back in repeat mode in the Turbine Hall B of Battersea Power Station, the sheer volume of sound waves promises to awaken this hibernating building. Alternative sound sources will be placed on various levels of Battersea. With a generic, China-made multipurpose bird viewing device (which functions both as an 8x telescope and a shotgun microphone) which will be distributed in the hall, the visitors can not only observe the details of the architecture, but also, following a “soundspotting map” we prepare, listen and record the sonic snapshots created by the participating artists as well as the built-in sounds of Battersea (such as the birds and bats ...


Hans Ulrich Obrist十月初在伦敦Battersea电站推出一个大型中国艺术展览China Power Station,邀请了大量中国艺术家和建筑师参加。这个展览将于2007年巡回到奥斯陆,2008年到北京再回到伦敦展出,每次展出都推出新的版本。他委托欧宁召集中国的声音艺术家在B座涡轮大厅做一个声音项目。这正是Institute of Sound启动的契机。IOS的声音计划除了参加这个巡回展,亦将纳入07大声展在中国三大城市巡回。


始建于1933年的Battersea电站位于泰晤士河南岸,曾负责伦敦整个城市五分之一的电力供应。Pink Floyd在1977年出版的唱片Animals曾在这里拍摄著名的飞猪照片作为封面。