User's Manual of Multipurpose Bird Viewer (Battersea version) | 观鸟器使用手册(巴特西版)

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Yan Jun found this multipurpose bird viewing device on the market, Lawrence Li wrote a user's manual for it, Ou Ning acted as model. The device is going to be used in the Battersea project.


Find and record your favourite sounds in Battersea with this multipurpose bird viewer! Return the device to us and the sound you recorded will be recycled and used as source material by a Chinese sound artist, whose works will be compiled into a CD later. Join us and be part of this exciting experiment!


How to use the bird viewer:

1. Put on the headset and point the device around as you wish.
2. Press the trigger to listen, press the "record" button to record, press the "play" button to listen to playback.
3. You can record up to twelve seconds of sound, each time you press the "record" button, the current sound stored in the built-in chip will be overwritten.
4. Turning the Low-High knob at the left side of the viewer will result in subtle changes in the tone.
5. In addition to recording, you can use the device as a generic telescope to explore the visual appeal of Battersea, the lense is at the handle's end.
6. Experiment, and have fun!

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