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Institute of Sound, 2006, Beijing.Photographer: Cao Fei

Institute of Sound (IOS) is a long-term research group focused on the study, composing, presenting and publishing of geo-sonic phenomena. The group consists of sound artists, field-recordists, architects keen on exploring the relationship between sound and physical spaces, and writers interested in the sociological aspect of sound phenomena. With its “sound-as-the-sole-medium” approach, IOS tends to perceive and reflect upon our world with all the non-aural senses shutting down. By collecting and manipulating daily sounds, it attempts to explore the possibilities of sonic narration and the relationship between sound phenomena and the complex social reality. IOS encourages more field-recordists to collect environmental soundscape in China on a regular basis, so as to establish a large-volume sound archive. It will also experiment with alternative modes of distribution and promotion different from those of traditional music industry, such as the Internet as the platform of a larger-scale sharing of sound resources.

Institute of Sound (IOS) ,一个长期合作的小组,由来自中国各地的声音艺术家、田野录音工作者、关注声音与物理空间关系的建筑师、喜欢对声音现象进行社会学分析的作家以及其他专业人士组成,致力于声音地理的研究、创作、展出和出版。它坚持把声音视作单一媒体,尝试关闭其它感官而仅凭听力去重新体验和发现周围的世界。它强调声音现象与复杂的社会现实的关系,通过对现实声音的收集和处理来开发声音叙事的可能。它希望发动更多的田野录音爱好者对中国各地的环境声音进行日常性的取集 ,从而建立一个海量的声音档案库。它同时亦将尝试与传统的音乐工业不一样的发行和推广方式,利用网络平台实施对声音资源更大范围的共享。
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