Bios of participating artists in Awakening Battersea Project | 唤醒巴特西项目参展艺术家简介

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718 (SUN Lei)

Born in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China, 1982. 718 graduated from North China Univ. of Technology with a major in electronic engineering. His background explains his identities as both a synthesizer-maker and laptop musician.

A very prolific artist, 718's styles range from folk music to mysterious, epic-like electroacoustic compositions to even organ music; most of these works have never been released. In 2005, his two albums An (literally means "serenity") and Nowise Assault were released by Subjam Records.

Highlights of his unreleased major works include Bu Yu, Bei Qi, Mei Zhan (for organ) and Pi (read as ‘Pea’ not ‘Pie’, for orchestra and pre-recorded tapes). He also participated in two compilations: The Sound of Silence (Reconfiguration Records) & Landscape.
In 2004, 718 played in several festivals including the “798 Festival”, "Who's Singing in Spring?" Festival and a concert organized by Kwanyin records.

Besides his own compositions, 718 occasionally does mastering for other musicians. He is also an associate designer and developer of an audio-related website.

BAI Tian (aka Bai+ian)

Sound artist, flute player and organizer of independent music in Chengdu. Born in Chengdu, 1985, Bai is currently a student of management in the University of Electronic Science and Technology (UESTC) of China.

As a sound artist, he plays in a wide range of styles such as noise, cut'n'paste and neo-classical. Bai is also the chief flutist of the UESTC Symphony Orchestra.


CHEN Wei is a sound artist and the co-founder of 2pi Records, an independent experimental label based in Hangzhou, China. He played in the avant-rock group Second Skin before starting to pursue his career as a sound artist. In 2003 and 2004 Chen co-organized and performed at the 2pi Festivals, which has since become the most important experimental music festival in Mainland China. In 2005, Chen, together with JIN Shan, started to perform as a multimedia duo named "Livescope."


2004: Qian Jing Sheng, solo album, CDR
2003: Pour Water (with JIN Shan & Yin Shi) (2pi Records)
2003: Cancer Building (with LI Jianhong) (TomeClub)

Dead J (SHAO Yanpeng)

Born in February, 1981

Key figure of the new generation of Chinese electronic music, work under the alias of Dead J and has released works of various styles which can be found in many electronic music compilations (both domestic and oversea). His debut album Mental Imagery was released in 2005, followed by Mental Magic in August, 2006. He has also composed for many theatre projects.


2006: Mental Magic
2005: Mental Imagery

FENG Jiangzhou

Experimental musician, sound artist. Feng is the founder of The Fly, one of the earliest underground rock bands in China. At the end of 1990s he has evolved into the earliest Chinese electronica / breakcore artists. Feng has been focusing on sound art, theatre soundtrack and multimedia design since 2002.


2004: Si Fen Lu
2003: Noise is bad for your health
2002: Qi Xing Zi
2001: Wu Li Qu Nao
2000: 516 Fenzi / Feng
1999: the fly>Z
1998: Flies in Love

Hitlike (ZHANG Liming)

Born in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Province, 1981. Now living in Northeast China.

Hitlike defines himself as a mere listener who, since 2002, occasionally creates sound works to fulfill the desire of his ears.

As an unsociable person, he is desperately thrilled by the words of idiotic people.....


Huanqing is a sound / performance artist from Sichuan province, as well as an ethnographical field-recordist and ethnic instrument designer. He initiated the experimental band Another Two Comrades in 1999 and is currently running a "sound hostel" in the ancient city of Dali, Yunnan province.

JIN Shan

Born in Tonglu, Zhejiang province in 1976, Jin Shan is the co-founder of 2pi Records, an independent experimental label based in Hangzhou, China. He has released two CDR albums Tong Lu and Fen Shui in 2003 and 2005 respectively, both under the alias of p.s.o. In 2003 and 2004 Jin co-organized and performed in 2pi Festivals. In November 2004, he participated in a video exhibition named Enclosure (Quan Di) in Bai Ta Ling, Hangzhou. In December 2005, Jin participated with a video installation in GIFT Comtemporary Art Exhibition in Hangzhou, China. In Janurary 2006, he participated in KUNSTRADIO's radio art project "Frequency Post," which was curated by Andrew Garton.


2005: Four Seasons (Artscope)
2005: Fen Shui (Artscope)
2003: Tong Lu (2pi Records)

Li Chin-sung (Dickson Dee)

Li Chin-sung (aka Dickson Dee) is one of the driving forces of the chinese new music scene in the past ten years. He has helped releasing and distributing the works by musicians from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan under his own label Sound Factory (now Noise Asia). As a curator of live concerts, he has brought numerous experimental artists to perform in China, among them John Zorn, HAINO Keiji, OTOMO Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Zbigniew Karkowski, etc. In 1995, Li's album "Past" was released on Zorn's label Tzadik, seven years later he released his second album Sunday under his own label Noise Asia. The album is the first of an on-going 7-CDs project, with each CD given the name of each day of the week (the tracks will be titled simply by their time frames). In July, 2004, "Sunday" was awarded the "New Music Award" by Chinese Music Media Awards. Li is now working on the soundtrack for the dance program "Lin Chi" by Guangdong Modern Dance Company, which will premier at the end of May. The 40-mins program draws its inspiration from the Chinese way of calligraphy, and was composed of solo, duo, trio and group dances.


2004: Sunday (Noise Asia)
1996: Past (Tzadik)

LIN Zhiying

Born in Hainan, China, works and lives in Guangzhou / Shenzhen.

Lin's epiphany came as he was exposed to the works of Japanese noise guru Merzbow (AKITA Masami), after which he started on his own compositions immediately. Some of his works during 2003 - 2004 were compiled as Selected Works 2003 – 2004 and was distributed free on the internet.

In August 2004, Lin made his debut on the Chinese scene with his composition Tokyo Fist, in which he uses sounds from Japanese cult director Shinya Tsukamoto's namesake film as the only sound source. The work was selected by Chinese video artist as the soundtrack for her short film COSPlayer, which was screened at the 5th Shanghai Biennale, 2004.


2006: Suspended Spectacles (Stumble & Jiother Records) [with Justin Zhong]
2005: Er (Jiother Records)
2005: Yi (Jiother Records)

LI Jianhong

LI Jianhong is one of the most active chinese sound artists in Mainland China. Born in Fenghua, Zhejiang Province in 1975 and now residing in Hangzhou, Li is the founder of the avant-rock group "Second Skin" and the manager of 2pi Records ("2pi" being the chinese equivalent to 2nd Skin), an independent experimental label based in Hangzhou, China.

Li's early involvement in Hangzhou's experimental culture started with his co-founding of the group Tomeclub (Tao Mi She). His debut solo album Talk Freely Before the We Begin was particularly well-received in Japan, and has established him as a radical yet highly-crafted guitar noisician. After listening to this album, the experimental musician Zbigniew Karkowski called Li "the best noise musician in China." Li's second solo album RTV-702 is also out now. Both albums were released by 2pi Records.

In 2003 and 2004 Li curated and performed in 2pi Festivals. In October 2004 he played at the Nuit Blanche festival in Paris.

In June, 2004, Li was invited as a guest lecturer by the Dept. of New Media at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, where he gave the talk "Live Action - an Introduction to Contemporary Noise Art".


2005: Drama Script (2pi Records/tiramizu)
2004: RTV-702 (2pi Records)
2004: Talk Freely Before We Begin (2pi Records)

Ronez (ZHOU Pei)

Born in 1975 in Guilin, China. Noise/video artist, host of music program of local radio station, owner of the noise/experimental CDR label Doufu Reocrds. Focus on the study of audio/video feedback.


Solo CD

2006: Grey Angels (Doufu Records)
2005: Feedback (Doufu Records)
2002: Try It On For Size (Subjam)
2001: #59146 (So Rock! Records)

Split CD

2006: 3-way split with Stimbox & Lasse Marhaug (Doufu Records)
2005: RZBD (with BSOD, Shasha records)
2004: Manimal in Love (with Hetleveiker, 2pi records)

Me:Mo (ZHAI Ruixin)

Me:Mo started to create music in 2001 and released his self-titled debut album with his own money in May, 2003. At the same time he launched the label Fruity Shop. Me:Mo's style lies somewhere between Indie Electronic and IDM, with a focus on ear-candish tunes and exquisite sound. Since 2004, he has released a lot of works in various Chinese indie labels and has formed several groups with other electronic musicians.


2006: Static Scenery (Modern Sky)
2003: me:mo (Fruity Shop)

Torturing Nurse

A noise group dedicated to noise art and performance, Torturing Nurse was founded by Isuzu and Junky (both from the Shanghai No Wave/noise band Junkyard) in April 2004, the group's current line-up includes: Youki, Misuzu, Miriam & Junky.

In July 2004, The band released their debut album "Junkyisuzu", which featured guitar and bass, and an amount of microphone feedback was employed as noise origin.

In November 2004, their second album, "Rock Torturing Miriam," was launched, with the four-member lineup, and has won high praise from domestic critics for its more chaotic and multi-layered sound.

They released a limited Dickson Dee (Hong Kong)-remastered edition recently, and subsequently a 3-inch Cdr "Do Not Put In Direct Sunlight For A Prolonged Period", and another 30-copy limited edition CD on 3 March, 2004.

A variety of styles - no wave, noise and vocal improvisation, etc. - can be found in the band's live performance. Torturing Nurse has played at numerous lives concerts: Shanghai On-Sale, 2pi music Festival (Hangzhou), Improvising Sound drama (at Park 19, Guangzhou), among others.

In September "Hai Shanghainurse" will be released by Harshnoise Record in America. And their American noise plan "Split" with Stimbox" will also be released by Shasha Records.


2005: AB c20 stentorian (Tapes, US)
2005: Nontacky (CDR, Ultra Eczema, Belgium)
2005: split w/ YelloWhore (CDR, Barfing Dagger Recordings, US)
2005: split w/ English, Stimbox, Redglare (4 * 3-inch CDR, Obscurica, US)
2005: split w/ Armenia (CDR, Bizarre Audio Arts, US)
2005: Hai Shangnurse (CDR, Harshnoise, US)
2005: Cowfish Plus Vermilion (split w/ Stimbox, CDR, Shasha Records, China)
2005: Unrechtmelodien 1 (split w/ Coco and Fiend Friend, 3-inch CDR, Turgid Animal, UK)
2005: NanaNanaNanaNanaNanaNana (CDR, Obscukiica, US)
2005: Swing Strigent Brain (split w/ BSOD, 3-inch CDR, Shasha Records, China)
2005: Splittail (split w/ PNF, CDR, Shasha Records, China)
2005: Do Not Put In Direct Sunlight For A Prolonged Period (3-inch CDR, Shasha Records, China)
2004: Rock Torturing Miriam (CDR, Shasha Records, China)
2004: Junkyisuzu (CDR, Shasha Records, China)

Wang Changcun

Wang Changcun is a sound artist, website designer and Flash coder currently based in Shanghai, China. Born in 1981, He's one of the earliest sound art practioners in Mainland China.

In 2003, six of Wang's works were selected in CHINA: the Sonic Avant-Garde, the first compilation of Chinese sound art released by the California-based label Post-Concrete.

In November 2003, Wang performed on , the first-ever large-scale experimental festival in China. In the October of following year, he toured in Europe (France, Netherland, Belgium) for one month.


2006: The Mountain Swallowing Sadness (Sub Rosa)

Wang Fan

Wang Fan is a pioneer of experimental music in China. He can be defined as sound designer, sonic explorer, noise maker, minimalist / maximalist, multi-genre composer and a talented singer. Wang was born in Lanzhou in 1970 and has relocated to Beijing in 1996. In the same year he had created arguably China's first real experimental music work - a mysterious 40-minute lo-fi piece.


2006: Live At Waterland Kwanyin (v.a.)(KwanYin Records)
2006: Five Primary Elements (KwanYin Records/Adopin)
2003: Infinite Loops (Adopin/Sub Jam)
2001: Sound Of Meditation Within The Body (Sub Jam/Origin)

Wu Quan

Born in Beijing in 1961.

After his graduation from the Central Academy of Arts and Design of China in 1986, Wu Quan worked as a lecturer in Beijing Arts and Crafts School for four years before launching his art career.

He began to create multimedia works since 2001. In 2004 he started to work with sound art. He is a member of the free-formed project Tie Guan Yin and Umbrella, a duo with Shizi.



2006: Microwave (KwanYin Records)
2005: View (KwanYin Records)


2006: Support The Umbrella To Stand In Dust That Float Float [sic] (KwanYin Records)

Zafka (ZHANG Anding)

Born in Hunan, China, January, 1979.

1998.11 - 2001: Started the experimental noise/improv band Prague Spring in Shanghai, played as guitarist.

2002: Prague Spring was renamed Prague with a new lineup, style drifted towards post-rock. Finished the first album Printemps in June and disbanded.

2004.9: Started his own compositions as Zafka in Guangzhou.

2004.10: Released his first electronica EP Vacation Dreamer on the 17th Floor.

2004.11: Began to compose sound art.

2005.7 - 8: Recorded Prague's 2nd album Bridge in Shanghai. Played with Godot at Ark, Xintiandi, Shanghai on Aug. 20.

2005.9: Launched the 21floor project with Justin Zhong Minjie, LIN Zhiying, CHEN Gang & Thom CHIN in Guangzhou.

2005.12: Performed on Sonic Brouhaha, the debut show of 21floor. Released his first album 12 Hours: Sound Actions for Your Secret Lover.

2006.1-6: Worked with Cao Fei on What Are You Doing Here - a project for Siemens Arts Program, composed the soundtracks.

2006.7: Launched the project A Lower Summer with 5355 (both are members of Prague) in Beijing, which is focused on soundscape, noise and slow-core.


2006: Whose Utopia (Cao Fei & 21floor)
2005: 12 Hours: Sound Actions for Your Secret Lover (21floor & Prague)

Justin Zhong Minjie

Born in Guangzhou in 1975. Zhong has been actively making experimental music since 1997. Now living and working in Guangzhou.


2006: Suspended Spectacles (Stumble & Jiother Records) [with LIN Zhiying]
2006: Sleeping White (Stumble Records)
2006: Banned Illusions (Stumble Records)
2004: For Those Times Without Sound (Stumble Records)
2004: Probe Works (Stumble Records)
2003: The CDs - I'm the Operator With My Broken CD Player (Stumble Records)

XU Cheng

Xu Cheng is a photographer and sound artist born in Shanghai, 1980. He graduated from the Department of Computer Art & Design in Donghua University, Shanghai & has been making sound art since 1999. Xu uses the graphical sound synthesis/processing software Analog Box for his solo works, he also collabrates with the action noise act Torturing Nurse extensively, in 2005 he initiated a project called Two Noughts (OO) with the bassist/vocalist Miriam from TN.


2005: Splittail (as part of Torturing Nurse)
2005: Do Not Put In Direct Sunlight For A Prolonged Period (as part of
Torturing Nurse)

Yan Jun

Sound artist, improviser. A well-known music critic, poet and driving force of China’s indie music and sub-culture scene for years, Yan was born in Lanzhou in 1973, now lives and works in Beijing. He holds B.A. degree in Chinese Language & Literature. Yan runs the new music labels Sub Jam and Kwanyin Records, as well as Waterland Kwanyin and One Plus, two weekly events of experimental / improv music and sound art. He has also initiated Tie Guan Yin, a free-form electroacoustic improv project.

Yan performs with effect pedals, voice, laptop, sound forks, contact microphone and everything else. His style is about meditation / ritualism, new-minimalism, low-frequencies / sinewave, drone, throat-singing, field recording, free improv and sometimes noise, which can be collectively described with his own coinage “Artificial Soundscape”. [no]
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