Sound Check, Battersea Power Station, Oct 2, 2006, London(posted by Ou Ning)

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今天下午四点,Serpentine Gallery 通知我到巴特西电站试音响效果。一进涡轮大厅,就听到王长存的作品,音量很大,感觉这个建筑空间一下子就被激活了。刚好碰到 Hans 和 Julia,他们好象对声音作品的效果非常振奋,连说了数个“exciting”。这是本次 China Power Station 展览(包括当代艺术、建筑与声音艺术)第一个安装好的作品。现在播放的是 MP3 文件,待收到颜峻和李如一从北京寄来的 WAVE / AIFF 文件后,音质还可以更好。

Got a notice at 16:00 this afternoon from Serpentine Gallery asking me to go to Battersea power station and check the PA system. Wang Changcun's piece was being played when I stepped in, the volume is high and it felt that the space was activated immediately. Bumped into Hans (Ulrich Obrist) and Julia (Peyton-Jones) and they seemed to be stimulated by the sound works, kept saying "exciting". This was the first work installed in the China Power Station exhibition, which includes contemporary art, architecture and sound art. We were playing MP3 files this afternoon, and the sound will be even better when I get the WAVE / AIFF files sent to me from Beijing by Yan Jun and Lawrence R.Y. Li.
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