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718 (SUN Lei)

Born in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China, 1982. 718 graduated from North China Univ. of Technology with a major in electronic engineering. His background explains his identities as both a synthesizer-maker and laptop musician.

A very prolific artist, 718's styles range from folk music to mysterious, epic-like electroacoustic compositions to even organ music; most of these works have never been released. In 2005, his two albums An (literally means "serenity") and Nowise Assault were released by Subjam Records.

Highlights of his unreleased major works include Bu Yu, Bei Qi, Mei Zhan (for organ) and Pi (read as ‘Pea’ not ‘Pie’, for orchestra and pre-recorded tapes). He also participated in two compilations: The Sound of Silence (Reconfiguration Records) & Landscape.
In 2004, 718 played in several festivals including the “798 Festival”, "Who's Singing in Spring?" Festival and a concert organized by Kwanyin records.

Besides his own compositions, 718 occasionally ...